Vivalon AG, the parent company of Taban Gıda, aims to expand its trade network, primarily to South America, Mediterranean countries and West African coasts with a new ship. The brand, which will carry out trade with the Japanese-made Handymax 42.648 DWT ship, plans to carry grain group, which is the main product group of the company, feed stuff and products included in the trade of oilseeds, along with other product groups depending on market conditions. Stating that when we look at the big companies that trade globally, it can be observed that they could not escape from owning their own ships during their growth, Taban Gıda CEO Hasan Hacıhaliloğlu highlighted, "It has become a strategic and necessary decision to get a hold of the expenses of the rising freight market and turn this into an income item to balance the trade. With this investment, we aim to have a say in the transit trade market, in which it is important to control transportation costs, and to reach our strategy of increasing our volume in this market faster.”, he added.

Growth target in the global market

Taban Gıda is constantly expanding their product range and supply markets with the aim of being a strong and reliable supplier of grain, oilseed and feed markets and to grow in the global market. Hacıhaliloğlu, who said that they saw it fit to bring this long-term target forward in the rising freight market, added, "Even if the freight markets change direction, we have the advantage to tolerate it because we have our own loads due to our field of activity."

“In the Turkish market, we are not a player, we are the playmaker”

Taban Gıda also has long-term freight contracts and ships on time charter or voyage charter between 3,000 and 50,000 DWT. “This way, we keep a certain number of ships under our control and reduce the risk of not being able to find ships in the high market because we know our trade capacity and we have a serious supply to Turkish market, we have the power and confidence to make these contracts rather easily”, Hacıhaliloğlu said.

We can assess our needs for freight/ship capacity selection and transport tonnage very easily with the strength and foresight we get from our trading, and accordingly, we position ourselves as the advantageous party in our contracts. As we are a reputable charterer in the market with a high trade volume and a high volume of operation, we can make freight contracts that create an advantage in the current market.”

They aim to increase the transit trade volume of 300 thousand tons to 1.5 million

Since its establishment in 2016, Taban Gıda has been growing in the right markets with the right product, right pricing policy and supreme service quality. Aiming to strengthen the supply chain with new investments, Taban Gıda plans to grow by 25 percent by the end of 2021. The company set sail to new markets to increase their transit trade volume to 1.5 million in 2021, which was 300 thousand tons in 2020. Performing demand and need-oriented transit trade to many countries of the world with different product groups, Taban Gıda operates in Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Georgia, India, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Lebanon, Mexico, Egypt, Poland, Russia, Romania, and Ukraine. The goal of Taban Gıda is to repeat the success they achieved in the wheat market in other product groups presenet in their portfolio, and to rank among the top as the most reliable supplier in the international market as well as in the domestic market.