Adding two dry cargo ships to its fleet with a total investment of 14 million dollars by the parent company Vivalon AG, Taban Gıda put silo and flour factory investments on its agenda. Founded in 2016, Taban Gıda has added a second one to their first dry cargo vessel, which they bought in September with an investment of 9 million dollars. This time, with an investment of 5 million dollars, the second ship was anchored for grain trade. The company, which carries out the transit trade of grain, feed group, and oilseeds, and particularly wheat, to 20 countries in the Asian, African, European, and American markets, aims to achieve the leadership position they assumed in the domestic market, also in the global market by investing a total of 100 million dollars in the field of production, logistics, and storage in three years.


Having a turnover of 37 million liras in the year 2016, which was their first year of operation, Taban Gıda has reached a turnover of 2.5 billion liras in the five years that have passed. The company, which traded 1.5 million tons of wheat last year, realizes 85% of their turnover in Turkey. Reporting that they have reached a 20 percent market share in the domestic market, Hasan Hacıhalioğlu, CEO of Taban Gıda, remarked that the turnover target for 2021 is 3 billion liras. Hasan Hacıhaliloğlu, CEO of Taban Gıda, said, "We aim to reach our strategy of increasing our volume faster. We are planning to purchase 2 more ships soon. We direct our earnings to investment, and this is the only way to become a global player." Thus, Hacıhalioğlu stated that they are planning to buy two more ships, and then they will invest in silos and they are also in search of a flour factory.


Wheat is more important than other agricultural products because it is the raw material of the most basic foods (such as bakery products, pasta, semolina, biscuits, bulgur). According to the June 2021/2022 harvest season projections of the US Department of Agriculture, 28 percent of the world's total grain production, which is 2.8 billion tons, is wheat production. In the same vein, wheat has a share of 41 percent from the world's total grain export, which is 464 million tons.


According to data from Turkey, domestic use of wheat is 20 million tons as of 2019/20. Of this, 80 percent is being consumed by the food industry, 11 percent is by the feed industry, and 6 percent is used as seed. Iraq, Venezuela, Yemen and Somalia are the leading countries in which Turkey exports wheat and wheat products, while the country with the highest wheat imports is Russia, which makes up 64.6 percent of the national imports. As of the 2019/20 harvest season in Turkey, the share of imports in the total wheat supply is 37 percent.