Barley is one of the cereal plants with high economic importance whose grains are used as malt and feed stuff. The homeland of barley, which likes mild and hot climates, is Neasia. Since it can be grown in barren and infertile soils under different climatic conditions, it has a major place in world grain production. Barley, which ranks fourth in production among grains in the world, after corn, wheat and rice, is in the second rank in Turkey after wheat. Barley grows well in places with high relative humidity, which are not too cold or not too hot. Places where the temperature does not fall below 0 degrees, or do not rise above 18-20 degrees, and with a relative humidity of 70-80% are very suitable for barley.

Diğer Ürünler

Dünyanın farklı pazarlarında tedarikini sağladığımız; tahıl, yağlı tohum ve yem gruplarından oluşan geniş ürün yelpazesini inceleyin.