Lentil, which is a plant with white flowers from the legume family, is an annual herbaceous vegetable plant with a length of 20-70 cm, having a soft and thin stem. It is a food grown in regions where hot temperate climatic conditions prevail. It is the most resistant to drought, heat and cold among edible legumes. Its fruits are pod type and develop in yellowish-brown swollen bags named after it. The grains in the bag are called lentils. In terms of shape, lentil grains are flat, in the form of discs with a diameter of 0.5 cm. They are named according to their size, shape and color: Such as sultan lentils, green lentils, red lentils.

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Dünyanın farklı pazarlarında tedarikini sağladığımız; tahıl, yağlı tohum ve yem gruplarından oluşan geniş ürün yelpazesini inceleyin.