Wheat with hollow stems and spike-shaped flowers is the only annual herbaceous plant species that has been sown all over the world. It is an essential nutrient that can be separated from its shell or that can be grinded with its shell. The germ of the wheat grain where calcium, iron and zinc that are metabolized by the body are stored, is extraordinarily nutritious. It contains B-group vitamins and carbohydrates. Its nutritional value is potentially higher than oats and corn. While it is the main raw material of the flour industry, it is also grown as a feed for livestock. After the harvest, straw bales come out as a waste product. In classifications made according to chromosome numbers and genome formulas, they are divided into three main groups as kaplıca group, durum wheat group and bread wheat group. Wheat grown under the kaplıca group is mostly used as animal feed and partially as bulgur.

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